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When battles were raging, Mary Seacole gave soldiers food, blankets and kindness. The soldiers called her ‘Mother Seacole’.

Empowering People

The sixth of thirteen children, John Sentamu, Archbishop of York Dr Sentamu has been both the first black bishop and the first black archbishop in the Church of England.

Inspiring People

Christine Ijeoma Ohuruogu is a former Olympic, World and Commonwealth champion. She has won six World championship medals in the women’s 4 x 400m relay as part of the GB and Northern Ireland team

Educating People

Ebunoluwa Aderin-Pocock, MBE is “one of Britain’s best known space scientist” and science educator. Co-presenter of the long-running astronomy TV programme The Sky at Night

Black Excellence

What are we all about?

We will be highly recognised as a major contributing force in promoting the positive impact the black community is having in the UK.

To be living, breathing and healthy examples – to both young and old – that truly exemplify the idea that anything is possible if you have respect for one another, work together and are willing to work hard enough to accomplish your life goals.  

To convince our young people that the only limit is the size of our ideas and the degree of our dedication, and to celebrate/motivate individuals working hard to develop the black community.

This website serves as a platform to share inspiring stories and celebrate achievers.

STAR of the Month

B.E star of the month

Kijita  proverb says Omwana ni wa bhone, which means – regardless of a child’s biological parent(s) its upbringing belongs to the community. We believe that coming together as a community to share our stories, we can inspire and motivate many.

This month, our star of the month is Peace Proscovia. Peace shares her challenges, her victories and how she’s arrived at where she is today. Her story.


Dr David Benn – Computer Vision Expert | BE Achiever

Dr Melrose Stewart – Chartered Physiotherapist | BE Achiever

Dr Kerri Akiwowo – Lecturer in Textiles | BE Achiever

Dominic Miller – Actuarial Analyst | BE Achiever


My Life as An International Student
My Life as An International Student

For context, my introverted extrovert perspective just explains me as an individual. Even amongst my group of friends, I may sometimes be the social butterfly or in lighter terms “the life of the party” (I enjoy when people around me have a good time and everybody is involved in the group), other times I shy away from human contact and interaction to find solitude in my alone time.

…celebrating Black History Month
…celebrating Black History Month

Chidinma Okorie Chidinma is a Doctoral Researcher in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at Loughborough University. It is that time of the year (October in the UK) when we commemorate Black History Month (BHM) with programmes...

I, Samuel Ajayi Crowther Part 1
I, Samuel Ajayi Crowther Part 1

I, Samuel Ajayi Crowther Part 1 12 OCTOBER, 2018 his story will begin with the origin of Samuel Ajayi Crowther. The exact year of his birth is not quite known as some believe he was born in 1807 while others maintain that...



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