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28th November 2017

Internship with Nicky Morgan MP



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One of the outcomes of the “Meet your Representatives” event held on Friday 6th of October 2017 is that two of the attendees went on to undertake 1 day internships at the MP’s office. We want to specially thank Nicky Morgan (MP) for providing this opportunity.

In this article, Monika Awoyemi, shares her experience with us. BE Inspired.

B.E: Can you please tell us your name and your academic background?

M.A: My name is Monika Awoyemi. I am currently studying Politics at Loughborough University.

B.E: Why did you decide to study Politics and why Loughborough University?

M.A: I feel like it is important to know your surroundings and knowing how Politics works is a great way to start because it has a greater impact on our daily lives than many realise. I chose Loughborough because it is amongst the top 10 Universities in the UK at the moment and I wanted to go to university far enough away from home to be more independent but close enough to come home.

Meet your Representatives Event with Nicky Morgan MP and Jewel Cllr Miah

B.E: Have you had any previous work experience before this one?
M.A: This was my first official work experience regarding politics.

“It is important to know your surroundings and knowing how Politics works is a great way to start because it has a greater impact on our daily lives than many realise”

B.E: How and when did you make that decision that you wanted to do a work experience at Nicky Morgan’s office?
M.A: I was first informed about it through my Personal Tutor at University last year. I then applied via email after doing some research about Mrs Nicky Morgan herself.

B.E: What was it like working at Nicky Morgan’s office?
M.A: It was not what I expected at all. Mrs Nicky Morgan’s office works closer with constituents than I thought and it’s absolutely brilliant!

B.E: In general without mentioning any specifics, what was your typical day like?
M.A: I worked from 9-5. I was assigned various tasks which I completed and had to use my own initiative for some of them.

B.E: How would this experience impact on your study at Loughborough University?
M.A: It had a positive impact on my study. I felt like I was doing a practical because I could see some of the things I learnt about happening in real life. I would definitely recommend it.

B.E: What are your future plans?
M.A: I am still planning, but I can definitely say that experiences like this help to shape the direction I choose to go in.

B.E: Any advice for others in your line of study?
M.A: Work experience is crucial. Whether it is with a high profile MP or volunteer work, everything counts whether you want to go into Politics or not.

B.E: You were at the “Meet Your Representatives” event. Can you share your experience?

M.A: The meeting was very productive because we got to get a better understanding of an MP and a Councillor’s role. This puts us in a  better position to make our voices heard. I have learnt now how to contact my representatives and that I can even join a political party! From a Christian point of view, Jeremiah 29 is a reminder that we have a duty to build where we live and make the most of our resources, not make excuses.

B.E: What would you like to say to the organisers of the event?

M.A: Thank you very much for putting the event together. It was really useful and I trust that the next one with be even greater!

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