What we do!

Our acronym BE stands for Black Excellence. It also stands for BE what you want to BE, Achieve your goals, Excel and affect your community positively!

Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate, motivate and inspire black people all across the UK to reach new heights , break challenging barriers and go on to fulfill their full potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see Black People excel in all fields of their endeavor.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to inspire through celebrating black people’s achievement, enable through empowering with resources and tools  and be a positive influence in the community we serve in.


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Our Values!

01 Creativity

We believe in being original and authentic in the way we operate. Our activities are aimed to create maximum and positive impact in people’s lives. We therefore deploy different means to reach out to  black people and our communities.

02 Honesty

Honesty is a watch word in B.E. We pride ourselves in a culture that is open and transparent in the way we operate.

03 Communication

Communication is a two way process in B.E. Being able to reach out through panel discussions, interviews, seminars , community events to some of the unheard voices within our communities is a key mission of B.E.

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